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the super store of healthy and nutritious olive oil, olive products
and everything related or inspired by that blessed fruit! We offer
the best olive oil quality at the best prices.

SuperOlive brings to you on line a variety of
olives, olive oil and related items as: olive theme ceramics,
kitchen tools, gift baskets etc.

Exquisite! The two glass
bottles came within a safe and secure packaging. I was impressed how
they wrapped them, and the price is terrific. The aroma reveals the
purity of the oil. The flavor is concentrated, soft, delicious, all
at the same time. It is the best olive oil I've had in a long time.
I had to control myself, because I ingest it even in tomato
sandwiches. You have to buy it!

Madeline S. Bayamon, Puerto Rico
I have ordered this same
product from this same Seller about 4 or 5 times. It is simply the
best olive oil and is always packaged like gorillas will be handling
it (wrapped in bubble wrap inside more bubble wrap in a tight
fitting box), and always shipped real fast. Could not be happier
with the seller or the product.

SuperOlive does the absolute
best job of packaging and the deliveries are prompt.

Carol J. Johnston Crossville, TN
My olive oil arrived promptly
and very well packed to prevent the bottle from breaking. They were
also nice enough to include a free bottle of pitted Kalamata Olives.
Would definitely recommend purchasing from SuperOlive and plan to
continue to purchase my oil with them

This is by far the greatest
olive oil that i have ever tasted. As a chef in training we are
taught that quality ingredients are essential for success and
Frantoia EVOO as your base is a huge step in that direction. besides
that, the seller has been excellent both i care and in efficiency. I
literally ordered on a friday afternoon in NYC and it was here by
monday morning!

J.D. Liberty, NY
I was happy to see my order
shipped and arrive so quickly and was greatly impressed by the care
and attention to detail of the packaging. My "precious cargo" was
wrapped with exquisite care. Great vendor! H.S., Hayfork, CA

First, this is the best olive
oil I've tried. It's spectacular. When you think good olive oils are
all the same, this one (Frantoia) is just better. I've ordered this
5 times so far and it always arrives promptly. Great seller -
sometimes they even toss in a few goodies like Kalamata olives along
with the olive oil.

M. O'C. San Diego, CA

These guys deserve
the Nobel Prize for packing and shipment. The two bottles of
Frantoia arrived so well packed that I was blown away--and they got
here right away! If you use olive oil as I do for your heart, then
Frantoia is the best bet for olive oil. It has that bite at the back
of your throat which tells you they haven't processed out the parts
that are good for your heart.

B.P., Tiburon, CA
"I am very
impressed by SuperOlive and will consider using them exclusively for
all future purchases of Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The
Olive oil arrived well packed, in excellent condition, and in a very
timely manner. This is one of my favorite olive oils and I have
bought more than 10 bottles over the years. Very nice." L.H.
Honolulu, HI
"I am so happy you
sent me your specials list! The olives we got from you last time
were so terrific - I really look foreword to these! Thanks for a
great product and keep us on your list! All the best" R.S.

"We were just back from a vacation in Greece where we learned that the olive
oil we had been buying by the gallon at BJ's does not hold a candle
to the first press product that is actually green. Yours is equal to what
we enjoyed in the Plaka and elsewhere in Greece and we are enormously
pleased with your product. Thank you for bringing it to us."  J.L.